Hard Money Solutions
Equity Funding LLC is a Hard Money Loan Broker that specialize in arranging financing for investors who are not able to get bank financing for their investment project. Equity Funding maybe able to close a Purchase Acquisition, a Fix & Flip Project or a Balloon Refinance. Call or text for more information 424-262-1696.
•No Tax Returns.
•No Paystubs.
•No Bank Statements.
•Prior foreclosure and bankruptcy, case-by-case
•Purchase or Refinance.
•Investor Properties only (non-owner occupied).
•Can close in LLC or Trust.
Equity Funding LLC
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What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans are for those investors who need alternative to bank financing. Hard Money loan requirements are not as strict as the bank’s requirement, less paperwork is needed, usually no tax returns are needed. The focus of a hard money loan is on the equity of the property and the cash-flow from the property, and less emphasis is given to credit score. A Hard Money Loan is different than a bank loan, the rates are higher, the cost for the loan is higher, and the loan term is shorter, Hard Money loans are ideal for fix and flip investors. A Hard Money loan cannot be use for your primary residence, the purpose of a hard money loan is for investment or income producing properties, such as residential investments, apartment buildings, raw land, churches, etc. Equity Funding LLC offers financing options, call or text 424-262-1696