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Who We Are

Equity Funding LLC is a Hard Money loan broker; We bring over 25-years of real estate lending experience and have represented investors from around the country. Equity Funding understand that economic conditions change, and investor needs change, we’re here to help you with your real estate investment strategy; Our ideal customers are investors looking to acquire new investment properties or refinance out of a balloon note or to get cash out of an existing investment.

Call or text for more information 424-262-1696

What We Do

Equity Funding LLC provides Hard Money solutions for real estate investors that need hard money financing. Equity Funding LLC arranges short-term, equity-based financing, rates and terms are market driven and risk based. Our specialty is the income generating residential properties of 1-4 units, multi-family and small commercial properties, whether purchase or refinance, Equity Funding may be able to help. If your loan has been turned down by banks, give us a call or text 424-262-1696.

•Residential Properties, 1-4 Units (Non-Owner Occupied only)

•Fix & Flip Projects.

•Multi-Family (5-Units and above)

•Small Commercial properties.

•Church Loans.

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